Allegiant Air




Director & Photographer: Greg Kiefer

Producers: Dania Trapp, Ron Johnson

Travel Coordinator: Edye Blas

Camera Ops: Ramsey Kiefer and Gordon Huston

Sound: Keith Basket

Post-Supervisor: Micah Young


BACKGROUND: Changing perceptions not grounded in facts; Overcoming the roar of a misleading news story.

  • It’s amazing what a misleading story aired by a national broadcaster can do to the reputation of a successful, low-fare airline. Within hours, an increase in cancellations and a decline in bookings threatened to put Allegiant Air’s operations in jeopardy.
  • Marketing shifted into crisis management mode to immediately pivot the conversation and change the perception of the brand. Our campaign strategy was straightforward and honest: Showcase the airline’s most valuable assets, its passengers, and let them tell their real-life stories and what the airline affords them to do – travel.

THE WORK: Creating timeless content to cover every medium. Not only broadcast ready spots, but a library of footage and stills. Shooting Real People with Real Stories.

Live Action:
  • Broadcast, streaming, social and web
  • A full commercial packed with B-ROLL from our entire shoot while showing off moments from each of our stories.
  • Print, billboard, social, and web.


  • All talent in this spot are real people, there were no paid actors. Talent was a mix of Allegiant customers and individuals we encountered on location.
  • Actual Allegiant customers giving their true testimonials in speaking roles.
  • Our team followed customers as they traveled to capture their genuine  experiences.  
  • For stills, our producers would approach random people on the street, ask if they wanted to participate, and have them sign a release on the spot.
  • Our cast of non-paid actors made the spot authentic and relatable to audiences.
  • All location scouting was done in the field while filming.
  • This spot featured a mix of unpaid locations and high profile locations like the Florida Derby and a major Arizona campus.
  • Our producers were able to secure outstanding locations in real time on set.
  • With the need to be flexible while following our Allegiant customers on their journeys, we executed this shoot with a small crew to ensure agility.
  • 6 person crew (2 cameras, sound, director, stills photographer, 2 producers
  • 11 days on the road with a stealthy crew.

FLIGHT MAP: Shooting in 8 States in 11 Days

  • From Utah to
  • Georgia
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Florida
  • Indiana
  • Wisconsin
  • Arizona
  • back to Utah

RESULTS: Proven results. Showcasing the best of the airline driving engagement and sales up.

  • 37% increase in bookings
  • 34% increase in digital users

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