Our Capabilities

From script to screen, we’re here for whatever you need. Our team has done it all and does it all. Every day.

We routinely handle all aspects of post-production for all kinds of projects—from features, docs, and TV to commercials and branded content. We've provided content in nearly every conceivable format to all the major platforms. Need to master a DCP for a theatrical release? We do it all the time. Our post-production pros have seen it and done it—always on time and always excited. You know how great your project can be. And so do we. We’re ready to work together to bring your vision to life.

Core Post-Production Services


Our award-winning editors handle whatever project you have with expertise and finesse. Our edit bays are built for comfort and creativity and ready for virtual teamwork as well. Our post-production experts can handle any codec, camera, or resolution, and are equipped to design a custom workflow to get your project to the finish line with speed and quality.

Color Grading

We believe color is a critical artistic partnership between client and colorist. Whether collaborating via a remote grading session, live in our traditional color suites, or screening in our 30-seat theater featuring 4K digital cinema projection, we take immense pride in bringing your creative vision to life in vivid, vibrant, and impactful color.


Our online editors and post producers have experience delivering every kind of media on the tightest deadlines, whether it’s a DCP bound for the big screen or dozens of commercial spots in multiple resolutions and languages. Our team stays at the forefront of evolving technologies, so you can trust them to create your most important deliverables.

Additional Services

Dailies creation including rushes, syncing, and transcoding
Edit support services
Workflow development including cloud-based and remote planning
LTO back-ups
Digital Cinema Package (DCP) creation and deployment
Post-Production Supervision
VFX Coordination

Our Post-Production Team

Micah Young

Micah Young’s passion for video production began while directing for K-BYUTV. After college, he went on to intern at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, study improv comedy in LA, and eventually began his career as a producer with the PAX Network. Micah is a founding member of ComedySportz and was a producer for Excel entertainment before joining the Cosmic Pictures team. As the Executive Producer of Post Production, Micah has now been with Cosmic for over a decade. 

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Executive Producer — Post-Production

Russ Lasson

With an eye for detail and a passion for enhancing narrative through color, Russ Lasson has proved to be a renowned colorist in the world of visual storytelling. Russ has practiced his craft for over two decades, with 15 years spent as a senior colorist with Cosmic. Russ is known for a seamless balance of creativity, technical expertise, and humanity during his color sessions.

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Senior Colorist

Paul Tuft

Paul Tuft, a seasoned editor and colorist, is the creative force behind many of the captivating visuals that have been brought to life through Cosmic. With a career spanning over nearly two decades, he has worked on a diverse range of projects, including TV shows such as 9 Years to Neptune, countless commercials, feature films, and documentaries. Paul’s ability to collaborate with directors, cinematographers, and other creative professionals elevates every project he undertakes. 

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Dan Olsen

Dan has ten years of experience as a colorist and post-production supervisor. Specializing in unscripted content and with a penchant for finding efficiency in workflow, Dan has led countless travel and sport documentaries through post-production, including HBO's original series Edge of the Earth. To continue to bring clients value both in and out of the color bay, Dan earned his MBA from the University of Utah in 2022.

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Director of Operations

Post-Production Supervisor


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