Making Good Season 6 Premieres on BYUtv


Season six of Making Good is officially here! 

The season six premiere followed Kirby to the charming town of Pepperell, Massachusetts, where he tapped into his love of theater and helped Pepperell Community Arts, an inclusive theater program that allows kids from pre-k to high school shine in local productions. A small town with a strong sense of community and volunteering, PCA’s programming brings community members of all ages together. 

Nicole, the President of PCA, works to give all kids the opportunity to get on stage and shine, no matter their background. Nicole tells Kirby that though Pepperell has always had a lot of sports to participate in, the town was very limited when it came to the arts. Now, PCA helps kids feel at home, be themselves, and open up on stage. 

“PCA is therapeutic. Like this is what we do together…to get through life,” she tells Kirby. 

Offering scholarships and accessibility options for kids to participate in the program, there is no barrier of entry, meaning every kid in Pepperell has the opportunity to be part of a PCA production. Now, Nicole offers Kirby the opportunity to be a stage manager for an upcoming performance of their latest production, Newsies Jr.

Joining them during a chaotic tech week, Kirby heads to PCA to start tackling scripts, costumes, and sets. He meets choreographer and stage manager Jill, assistant director Emily, and director Laurie before the full cast ensemble. Though overwhelmed at first, the kids made Kirby feel like part of the team just in time for their full dress rehearsal. 

Jill’s daughter, Olivia, is also part of the cast and has been performing with PCA for over five years. Now in eighth grade, Olivia returns to the stage as Muriel in Newsies Jr. As Kirby rehearses lines with Olivia, he sees the pride in her mothers eyes. Jill tells him, “Olivia’s the type of kid that they said wouldn’t walk or talk ever, so to see her up on stage doing both, it’s just pretty awesome.” 

The pressure is on at the first full dress rehearsal back at PCA. While Kirby works alongside assistant director Emily, she explains her draw to the program, “These kids mean so much to me because I was these kids before...I’ve done this before so I can reassure these kids that they are going to be good, that they are gonna rock it on the stage.”  

Kirby meets Joe, a jack of all trades who helps PCA with building and maneuvering the large scale, heavy sets. Joe is always ready to help PCA with their next project and “give kids an opportunity to step into the light, a chance to shine.” 

Throughout the rehearsal, Kirby had a few stage mishaps, like failing to get the printing press prop off stage in a timely manner.

Once wrapped, Kirby heads out to hand deliver invitations to the show with cast members Brady and Michael. They recruit audience members like Chase and his mother Jessica, who are thankful for PCA’s efforts in keeping the community exciting, welcoming, and accessible to all. 

With an electric energy in the air, showtime finally comes. Kirby and the entire cast and crew put on the performance of a lifetime, with Kirby successfully moving the printing press off stage on time being the cherry on top.

As the cast delivers an incredible finale, Jill and Kirby watch Olivia from side stage teary eyed. “It was hard not to be emotional knowing how much she has done to be able to do this. And knowing the sacrifices that Jill has made as a parent and as a stage manager to make sure that these kids have this outlet, this community, this family, here in PCA,” Kirby says. 

Though Newsies Jr. ends with a standing ovation, there’s still one more performance: Kirby delivers his touching song, “Step Into the Light” to the dedicated PCA cast and crew. 

“They’re just all equal on the stage,” says Jill. “All walks of life that come through the door of Pepperell community arts leaves with confidence that they didn’t have when they came through the door.” 

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