Escape from Germany Opens in Theaters Throughout Utah


Cosmic is honored to be part of T.C. Christensen’s latest film, Escape from Germany, by providing post-production services

The true, unsung story of 85 missionaries trapped inside 1939 Germany opened on April 11th at 40 theaters throughout Utah. A week after its release, the film has climbed to earn the 10th spot at the domestic box office according to Box Office Mojo

The film is based on Terry Bohle Montague’s book Mine Angels Round About, and follows eighty-five American missionaries who became trapped in Germany as Hitler’s army closed borders; the escape of these missionaries marks one of the most dramatic events in church history. 

The war drama’s cast includes Paul Wuthrich, Sebastian Barr, Deveney Reber, and David McConnell.

Utah filmmaker and cinematographer T.C. Christensen is known for his films 17 Miracles,  The Cokeville Miracle, and The Fighting Preacher

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