January 1, 2021
Empty San Francisco.

Nothing describes social distancing quite like San Francisco in the age of Covid-19. A recent job took me to the City by the Bay. While I was there, I couldn’t help but capture the startling emptiness.

Empty San Francisco.

In a city known for wall-to-wall traffic, the deserted freeways in San Francisco were a bit unsettling.

Empty San Francisco.
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Without the bustle of people, even the famous Transamerica Pyramid seems lonely.

The bridges, highways, and byways around the city are bare — a commuter’s dream.

Without people on the streets, it feels as if you are walking in a maze.

The shops and restaurants sit completely empty, as if there’s no thought of returning.

For a city with a population over 890,000, it seems like someone performed a magic trick to make everyone disappear. Now, we wait for them to snap their fingers and reveal the grand finale.

Everything sits patiently waiting for tourists to return.

The pier is completely desolate. Besides a security officer and the regular bird lady, I was the only visitor. The only sounds heard were flags flapping in the wind.