JULY 29, 2021
A paper bag and cup puppet on the side of the road.

You can catch the new Cosmic produced Utah Transportation spots, featuring custom puppets made by Dallin Blankenship and Jeff Blake, as they begin to air this month as part of their new “Keep it Clean, Utah” campaign.

Five puppets: a trash bag, a paper bag, a suitcase, a cup, and a tire.

These five unique puppets were made from scratch; materials were found as Blankenship and Blake dug through dumpsters in order to find the proper materials to bring our character’s personalities to life, as DIY upcycle puppets rise in popularity.

With the location being just off I-80, filming was hot- especially for our puppeteers (Jeff Blake, Kelly Donahue, Trenton James) who had to lay under layers of blankets and “trash” to stay hidden while the cameras were rolling.

Trash bag and tire Puppets and puppeteers under a table. Puppets and puppeteers. puppets and puppeteers

Puppets Bagley and Liddy made an appearance at The Shops at South Town  for a UDOT press conference July 27 to launch their new campaign “Keep it Clean, Utah”, which aims to curb the dangerous tide of litter on Utah’s roads by urging Utahns to secure their loads.

Bagley and Liddy at a press conference. Puppets and puppeteers.

You can check out all the spots, and learn more about UDOT's new campaign, here.

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